The media lately has brought awareness to the topic of Autism. Though there has not been much representation of people of color, I hope the way we see Autism will change in the future through education and awareness. Education and recognition cannot begin without identity.

Holly Robinson Peete’s family’s public journey aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network, on the show entitled For Peete’s Sake; their experience gave me a sense of relation and familiarity. The season 2 episode, which aired in 2017 From Boys to Men, left an imprint on my consciousness. The episode covers one of the most dreaded discussions and concerns between black parents and their children about the reality of our current state of police tactics and preparedness. Watching the episode made me recognize the realness of my son’s journey, as he develops from a boy to a man, through the identity of his blackness and his label of Autism. This idea is scary because most people with Autism do not view the world the same as others. How do I prepare my son for a world like that?