I have experienced parenting support groups. When I have had a chance to attend, it always inspired me to see their vulnerability and courage. Their bravery, as they troubleshoot the difficulties of their daily lives; I wanted to be brave in return and say, “I understand, I have been there too.” The Bible says (paraphrase) through loving others intentionally, the act of being loving can cover many failures and flaws. Peter 4:8 NKJV. That means we love others despite their deficiencies.

I truly believe one of God’s purposes in creating a family is so we can learn how and what it means to love genuinely. It is easy for me to love when the conditions favor me but loving unconditionally is intentional. I choose to love my son and show up for him, through his hand flaps, weirdness, and goofy habits. As I listened to the parents voice their challenges in raising children with ASD, my takeaway was that home should be the one place where our children should not have to wear masks but have the freedom to be themselves. What a powerful lesson, as parents, already a part of the big world they are entering, we know what it is like to wear masks.

Welcome to Autism Through the Lens of Color
Awareness begins through our stories; I believe that our stories can be powerful. They promote change, encourages others, and helps us to learn. Caring for Children with ASD can be an isolating experience for many families and even for the members who live together. Connection happens when we share our stories with other parents who share related experiences and build support and resources. Through this platform, I hope that we can make a community that will serve and inform others.